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The Birth of Heinrich Lawrence – Ashford Private Hospital

This beautiful birth I had the honour of documenting was a very different journey for the family to that of their first child. Any parent of a “Heart Kid” knows the emotional rollercoaster of tests, hospital visits and trips to Melbourne for life saving surgery. This was the journey that parents Vicki and Ben endured after the birth of their first child Zac. I remember the first time I saw Zac’s birth photography – it told the story of strength, urgency and love. Witnessing little Henry’s arrival, capturing his story, and working through the images, I quickly realised just how vastly different the energy and feeling was. Henry was not separated from his mum straight after birth, the room was always calm, his mother able to bond in a most peacefully natural way. I really love these images that I feel express the beauty of the family’s journey to becoming complete.

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