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Victoria is Australia’s most renowned birth photographer, documenting the unique beauty of birth journeys from pregnancy through to baby & beyond. Victoria has a quiet and welcoming nature and brings to the birth space an intuitive and deep respect for the needs and sensitivity of women during labour. Her extensive experience and persona enable close connections of trust and respect with parents and their surrounding birth support, midwives and obstetricians.

As a mother and a creative, Victoria holds the value of birth photography as a therapeutic opportunity to honour the power of one of life’s most incredible journeys, and also as a legacy to pass on. She has toured the country and overseas presenting at industry conferences and running workshops on this evocative genre.
A few words from Victoria...

So, Birth Photography… how did I get here? ...with copious amounts of patience, passion and drive, long hours and commitment. I’m also a mother, so these skills / attributes are just a part of everyday life really!

I have a son who I birthed at Calvary Hospital in North Adelaide in 2009, with the unwavering support of my husband. Our son arrived 70 hours after my waters broke. Yes, it was a long shift – but technically speaking I was only in established labour for the last 10.5hrs. There were so many decisions made and external influences that, when combined with chance led to a less than desirable birthing experience. However, this experience has had a huge impact on my inner self and as a result I have found myself travelling down a path that confronts my fears, broadens my beliefs and strengthens my resolve to share the collective story of women’s power to birth instinctually and safely.

Through my own birthing experience along with each and every birth I’ve ever had the privilege of attending, there are a million moments that make my heart sing. The soulful caresses of a partner’s hands that help reassure and ground the labouring women. The intense expressions of love, concern and pride that are innocently revealed on the faces of loved ones. The way time seems suspended, a women’s birthing space has its own inexplicable dimension, and the surreal way pain gives way to elation…. The moments are endless and I relive the emotion I experienced each time I see any of the images I shoot.

So here I am. Armed with more than the attributes and skill required to work in this genre, I have a special combination of experience, support, sensitivity and insight to produce work that captures the beauty of the most profound event life has to offer. There’s just a little more to it than having expensive equipment and the love of babies and photography.


I’m a dot point girl – here you go!

  • 2018 AIPP Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year - Finalist

  • 2016 AIPP Master Photographer

  • 2015 AIPP South Australian Award for Creative Excellence.

  • 2014 AIPP Australian Birth Photographer of the Year.

  • 2013 AIPP Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year

  •  Multi award winning photographer.

  •  AIPP Master Photographer.

  •  Professional insurance specifically covering birth and newborn photography.

  • 21 years of photographic experience.

  •  A gentle, empathetic, supportive nature.



2022 Victoria Berekmeri_edited.jpg

Photographed by Helen Roberts

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