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"You are such a talented photographer and kind, gentle person. We are so glad that we chose you to be there to capture one if the most amazing and precious moments of our lives. Looking at the photos even makes me want to do it grateful that i have these images to look back on over my lifetime to remember how wonderful birth is and how amazing my body can be. Thank you again and i have already highly recommended you to my friends."

Kellie Najjar - Rhyss' Birth

20th April 2013

"Victoria, Brent and I could not imagine our pregnancy / birth experience without you being apart of it! You have been such an amazing photographer capturing all these precious moments but being a photographer is not all you do, you provided us so much support and wisdom. Our journey has been so hard and challenging so far and still will continue to be for a while. I remember so many times during my labour looking at you for support, and you coached me through so much. Reminding me to breathe, answering my random questions.. Anything really!! You where there!! We can never find a way to thank you enough for what you have done for us, we will cherish this for ever!! We could never imagine having another photographer than you!! When we have another baby you will be one of the first calls we make!"

Kirsty-Marie Knox - Brea's Birth

7th March 2013

​"Victoria's work is incredible! I can honestly say that out of all the birth photos I view daily, Victoria's are always my favourite! It's just such a pity that I only met her when we were pregnant with our 4th baby. We won't be having any more children of our own but I often think to myself jokingly that I could have another baby just so that Victoria could capture the birth so amazingly as she does! I recommend her to everyone I know. The main reason I would recommend Victoria is because she is just such an honest and real person, and extremely empathetic. She respects the birth space so much that I didn't even notice her taking most of the photos and it was only when I received all the images I realised just how many she took! My husband thought she was fantastic with our birth, as well as at our family photo shoot which Victoria pulled off so well considering there were 4 young kids to shoot! I am inspired by how patient she is with babies and children. Thank you Victoria from the bottom of our hearts for truly blessing us with your presence at our birth. Keep doing what you do because you are great at it!"

Shelley Dobbin - Ross's Birth

27th September 2012

"Throughout my labour and birth I did not even notice that Victoria was there. She quietly went about her business in such a professional manner. I had chosen to have a home birth and gave birth in my tiny little bathroom with dimly lit lighting and not very much space yet the photos that Victoria captured were outstanding and such a great reminder of one the happiest moments of my life." ​

Kristy Cook – Ivy's Birth

5th October 2012

“I am a mother of 3, and I had the pleasure of getting Victoria to photograph my last birth. I had always wanted, and tried, to get some images of such a beautiful time, but despite my best efforts, my few photographs from my previous births didn’t capture everything that I wanted them to.

I did wonder what it would be like to have a photographer at my birth, whether it would spoil the atmosphere, or feel awkward. After speaking to Victoria before the event, I knew that if at any time I felt uncomfortable, that she would respect my privacy, so I had nothing to worry about.
When Victoria arrived I was surprised at how easy it was to forget she was there. She had her equipment at the ready, and didn’t have to do anything that caused any disturbance whatsoever. During our birth, Victoria stayed in the background, slowly moving around without a sound. At times it was easy to forget she was even in the room.
When I got to see the images, I was absolutely thrilled. Without even feeling like I had a photographer at my birth, I ended up with a set of the most beautiful images. I got to see my baby as she was pulled out of the water, the way she looked up at us just after being born, her first breastfeed. These are not only images that I will treasure forever, that I can share with my daughter, but they are also beautiful enough for me to want to put on my wall.
None of my previous photographs would be worthy to display, but the images from Victoria will be proudly shown off. I will get to see them on my walls and re live one of the most beautiful moments of my life every day. To me that will bring an incredible amount of joy. I am so grateful for Victoria for coming along, for giving me this gift, and for the gentle way that she did her job to allow me to get on with my birth.” ​

Linda Quinton – Sienna’s Birth

5th December 2011

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