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The first time I heard from Lis, she asked if I would photograph the arrival of her 3rd child. As horrible as it was, I had to decline. I think it was possibly one of two times I've ever had to decline a woman's request to be a part of their birth team. You see, my own son was due to be born the same week! And although I felt quite fine to work until the end, I just couldn't say with any certainty that I would logistically or emotionally, be able to support her when the time came.

The second time Lis contacted me, there was no way I would decline her. We met, we cried, and we shared a connection that has stayed with me. So, with this second chance, I was ready to be there as she welcomed her 4th child into the world.

It was a labour to remember, calm and composed at her home, surrounded by her chosen midwives and closest family. As is usual, I was called during the early hours of the morning. Lis surrendered to the process and her labour progressed quickly. It was a divine birth to witness as she delivered her own baby into the world.

I remember leaving for home in the morning feeling light as a feather and filled with the oxytocin high that often comes with this job. It's something I now live for! xxx

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