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Everyone has a different story and each family has a unique journey, during which challenges are overcome and triumphs are realised. Surrogacy is a special version of Family, one grounded in deep seated gratitude, trust and respect. When I first met with Marian and Simone, my heart was warmed to meet such two incredible women sharing motherhood in their own ways, with one very special baby girl. Both of their stories to this point embodied the most powerful of experiences, great challenges, heartbreak, unconditional love and selflessness.

In every way, it has been an honour to be invited along to document the experience, with this special and dynamic family. This shoot was all about showing the connection and love between the intended and surrogate families, so their children understand that their place in the world is so very important, just as their family is flooded with gratitude and love.

This is a small snippet of images I captured, which have been carefully chosen so as not to include Marian's daughter's face, as per her wishes. I photographed this session at the client's home and back laneway using existing light, during early Autumn in Adelaide, South Australia.

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