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Why birth photography? It's the same question all of my clients know their answer to, and it's fundamentally the same reason each time. It's because the birth of a child is one of the biggest events in life. Because you will never love anyone more than your child, they are your world, your dreams and your heart, all wrapped up in a beautiful bundle, and you want to see how it all begins.

You may have a broader answer to the question too, which is enriched by your experiences, ideals and expectations up until the point when you are expecting a child. It may include things like;

"I want to see how it all happens, because I know I won't be present in the same way."

"I missed the opportunity with my first and I really want photo's for my second with my 1st included in the story."

"I'm attempting a VBAC and I want to capture it so I can process the experience afterwards."

You may not have thought of this, but it's value is also in your child seeing how they came to be in their parents hearts and arms. How anticipated, treasured and loved they were from the moment they arrived, by all the people who matter most to them. Showing children their place in the world is very important, and as every family is different, the value in birth photography is rich for us all.

The story of Surrogacy is, at it's heart, about all of these things - love - dreams - gratitude - family. It's about the lengths people are willing and able to go to, to bring a new life into the world. It's how families are brought together through the gift of life, underpinned by trust, respect and love. And it's about knowing these children are so wanted in this world and in everyone's hearts. Which is why it has been an absolute honour to photograph this journey for all concerned.

Here is a photographic documentary snippet, of little Miss S's arrival into the world, captured at the Women's and Children's Hospital, in Adelaide, South Australia.

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