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Hands up, who's been pregnant more than once and never had a maternity session??!

I never did with my first son, I was too wrapped up in the emotions and lost sense of self, the nausea and fatigue, to contemplate a photo shoot. It was 2009, and before I understood the value of the experience, the journey I was undertaking. I didn't know the profound affect become a Mother would have on my life. I certainly didn't appreciate the value of capturing this time, because I was immersed in the difficulties of it all. In retrospect, having photographs to look back on would have helped me move through that space with greater ease. Enough about me though....

Bec, carrying her 3rd baby with that slight waddle that makes you smile, came along for her first ever maternity session. It was a beautiful Autumn morning, the sun was out, there was barely a breeze, and it was quiet in the gardens. We wandered around, talked about life, pregnancy, children and all their differences and challenges. I listened to her story, connected with them through my own experiences. It was such a lovely session. I even took a few photographs. I hope the session was nothing like she expected, and exactly what she needed <3

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