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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

First time parents are always a special journey to document. It's an amazing thing to trust in having the arrival of your first born photographed, as something of real value. There are so many unknown's when it comes to labour and birth, even with a seasoned professional who knows the birth space. So when I met with first time parents, Sara and Craig, I was interested to know why they were seeking this service.

We met at Cafe Lago at West Lakes, early on in Sara's pregnancy. The three of us hit it off from the very beginning, and it was exciting to hear they were referred to me by their friend Jessica, who'd also had me photograph their baby's birth a few years back. As Jessica's little Evie emerged, I captured a rare moment when the amniotic fluid was being expelled from baby's lungs, through her nostril! The shot was a bang-on capture of an incredible moment, and it won a few awards for good measure :D

Vaginal birth of a baby as amniotic fluid is expelled from the lungs via the nostril
Nature's process showing little Evie mid-emergence as amniotic fluid is expelled from her lungs

So, getting back to Sara and Craig! We were on the same page, feeling confident in trusting the process and very much looking forward to the day their little bundle would make an entrance. We caught up again a few weeks before their EDD for a mini maternity shoot and to talk through any changes to their birth preferences.

And as can happen first time around, labour was slow to start, as the unknown path to parenthood took the time it needed to unfurl. I was invited to join Sara and Craig at the pointy end of things, at the peak of fatigue, and height of anticipation. Their connection was steadfast. Sara's strength was that of the Birthing Goddess I've witnessed at every birth. Craig's willingness to be hands-on, delivering his own daughter into the world, was divine to see. I can't thank them enough for inviting me along to document their journey to becoming a family, and also for allowing me to share a few of their images with you. I hope you enjoy.

Victoria x

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