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An Insight Into Why Women Want Their Birth Photographed

I wanted to share with you a quick little insight into the reasons my clients chose to hire a birth photographer – knowing why is so important! I’m so blessed to know these strong, amazing women who were so in touch with their reasons behind the choices they made surrounding their births.

Tania, Mother of Ronen – born 1.2.2014

Adelaide Birth Photographer

First Breast Feed After Birth

“Truly, I will be forever grateful for this one captured moment alone. It speaks so much to me: it is everything I ever desired in birthing my children — the opportunity to experience the bliss following the birth, of being fully present and grateful for this new life.

 I recently read that birth being the momentous event that it is in a woman’s life, actually imprints on her brain, rather than existing merely as a memory. The imprint left on my mind throughout Ronen’s birth and post-birth is so beautiful, and an image such as this will be so treasured because it captures and reflects what my soul remembers — thank you. It is so beautiful and so healing to me in so many ways.”

Kellie, Mother of Rhys, born 20.4.13

Adelaide Birth Photographer

“Being in labour and birthing means being completely in the moment, concentrating all my attention and effort on bringing my baby safely into the world, there’s no awareness of time or space and nothing else matters in those moments. Having it captured by a professional photographer allows me to look back and remember or even notice for the first time what was happening. I wanted to see how I looked in labour, the face of my husband and his reactions while he supported me, that first breath of my baby, those first cloudy moments made clear through the photos. I can now look at my photos and remember clearly how/what I was feeling. I can see the moment I first thought to myself this might be transition, the moment my midwife was telling me how things might progress quicker this time, the moment my vocals changed to prepare for pushing, the first time I felt my baby’s head, that I did it! moment, all things I’m not sure I would remember without having the photos to look back on. We paid thousands for our wedding day photography, but to me, the birth of my babies is something equally if not more important to capture, I will only give birth to my babies once, that moment when your family grows from 2 to 3 or 3 to 4, perfection! I couldn’t recommend having a birth photographer more, having a professional there means those precious memories are captured as best they can be while my husband can support me and my care providers can care for me. I love birth photography, I am so grateful for it and Victoria!! x”

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