• Victoria Berekmeri

Adelaide Home Birth Photography – A Mother’s Quest

It was 6:17am when I was woken by my phone. I stared at the screen trying to decipher the words, it took a minute for my eyes to comprehend what my mind already knew – It was time! Today was the day I would witness a miracle, the birth of a healthy, highly anticipated little soul joining us earthside.

As I drove to their home, I took the time to clear my thoughts, smell the sea air as I headed south along the coast and feel the warmth of the early morning sun as it streamed through my windscreen. As I walked through the front door, taking my shoes off, I felt grounded and focused. The father, Jamie, greeted me with a beaming smile, the other children were peacefully asleep upstairs, unaware of the excitement that was trying to be contained below.

I glanced down to the birthing area and could see Linda, centering herself, preparing her mind for what her body was beginning to enact. It was a beautiful moment watching her create a space around her in which she could feel safe and free.


The children had awoken to find the event as it transpired, and they too were calm, excited and connected.

This image touches my heart deeply. The bond between these women extends beyond this life, I’m sure of it!

This was one of the most memorable experiences, and one that won’t be forgotten. The images have been taken and they will exist for generations. A record of a new life, an event to surpass all others, and the beginning of something very special for this deserving family.

My most sincere thanks and gratitude go to Linda, Jamie and their family for allowing me to be present throughout your labour and capture the arrival of your yet to be named baby girl.

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