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The journey of Baby Williams: Part One – Adelaide Birth Photographer

I am following the story of a very special mother-to-be as she prepares to bring her first child into the world. Kirsty is a warm-hearted young women with a fun-loving spirit, supportive partner and close family. She also happens to be the cousin of a special friend of mine, Shelley – who’s home birth I photographed late last year. When Shelley told me about her cousin’s pregnancy, I hoped I’d have the opportunity to follow her story.

Her pregnancy has been far from uneventful, which is part of what makes her journey particularly special. At her 20 week scan, Kirsty was shocked with the news that things were not “normal”. All her questions and anxieties were left up in the air. She was referred to the WCH and it was then that Kirsty discovered the full extent of her cherished baby’s development. Baby Williams had Heterataxy Syndrome. The result of this being that baby’s organs only include those from the right hand side of the body. Additionally, little baby Williams has Right Atrial Isomerism and will require heart surgery within days of being born. This procedure will need to occur in Melbourne and we are all hoping that there will be a room available for Kirsty and Brent at Ronald McDonald House over there!

Baby Williams will require a further 2 lots of heart surgery before the age of 5. This news would be daunting to any expectant mother, and Kirsty’s strength and resilience is a true inspiration.

As I attended Kirsty’s baby shower it was clear to me just how much love and support she has around her. I hope you enjoy sharing this journey too as I follow her story and the journey of Baby Williams.

Adelaide Birth Photographer

Adelaide Birth Photographer

Adelaide Birth Photographer
Adelaide Birth Photographer

Adelaide Birth Photographer

Kirsty's Baby Shower

Kirsty’s Baby Shower

Adelaide Birth Photographer
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