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The Business of Birth Photography – The Book!

I’m super excited to be launching my new book – The Business Of Birth Photography

I began writing the content for this book in 2013 and I’m thrilled to finally have it published for the world to see!

Through this dynamic collection of photographs and written concepts, The Business of Birth Photography is a guided glimpse into the emerging genre within the professional photographic industry, drawn from the experiences and insight of Australia’s most recognised birth photographer.

This well-equipped book contains vital information about photographing birth from a conceptual, technical and social point of view, with a business management guide to help you plan and build your photography business.

This resource serves as the foundation of The Business of Birth Photography Online Course and Workshops.

Book Contents include:

  1. The value of birth photography

  2. Your reason

  3. Your client’s reason

  4. Etiquette – societal

  5. Etiquette – photographing birth

  6. Client meetings

  7. Contracts

  8. Client questionnaire

  9. Products

  10. Client faq’s

  11. Managing your health & safety during births

  12. Birth shoot checklist

  13. What’s in the bag?

  14. Technical tips – composition

  15. Technical tips – cropping

  16. Technical tips – lighting

  17. Birth scenarios – home birth preparation

  18. Birth scenarios – hospital birth preparation

  19. Birth scenarios – foetal demise

  20. Birth scenarios – crowning

  21. Professional practice verses awards

  22. File backup system

  23. Workflow

  24. Time evaluation and scheduling

  25. Time evaluation and scheduling

  26. Financial evaluation

  27. Pricing

  28. Business

  29. Online presence

  30. Client satisfaction

Want to buy the book? CLICK HERE

Want to learn more about birth photography? CLICK HERE

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