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The Beauty of Pregnancy – Adelaide Birth Photographer

Thank you to my beautiful model Kellie and her fun family.

Maternity shoot at Grange Beach, South Australia on the 15th April 2013.

There’s something wonderful about the spontaneity of working as a birth photographer. I think because I’ve always been a planner, someone who likes to know what’s going to happen, when, how, etc. I’ve learnt to enjoy confronting that aspect of my nature. The payoff is that I’m learning, developing and creating so much more that I could before.

Cool but what does that have to do with this shoot? Well, this shoot is the result of spontaneity – a gorgeously pregnant and spontaneous birth client and a last minute casting call for a very specific maternity shoot!

All I was after was one shot – something that represented the beauty of pregnancy, how the body and spirit glow from within, withstanding the elements around to nurture new life.

The cool part about this shoot was how the lack of client expectation and complete trust in me made this shoot a greater success than I could have hoped. There was no pressure, it flowed, there were many great moments because there was no stress, no projecting, just working with the light to get the image I had in my mind.

This calmness flowed on too, evident at the birth of this beautiful baby who is here nurtured inside his gorgeous mother’s womb.

This shoot was a blessing. I hope you enjoy the images also.

Adelaide Birth Photographer
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