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The arrival of Leo – Adelaide Birth Photographer

A mother calmly and quickly birthed her precious son into the world, at home with the care and support of her husband and two midwives from the Adelaide Women’s & Children’s Hospital Midwifery Group Practice.

After receiving the call at 8:15am, I knew it would be a rush to get across town in peak hour traffic and left straight away to Amy and Pete’s house. It was a clear bright day and despite the slower than usual journey to their house, I knew deep down it was going to be a perfect run of events for this baby.

I arrived just after the first Midwife at 9am to find Amy resting tranquilly in the birth pool with Pete near and everything as it should be. The indicators of progress was subtle as this little baby boy made his way down and out just before 10am.  His small initial cry served the purpose of clearing his lungs before comfortably relaxing into his mothers arms. His calm mood mimicking the environment of which he had arrived into.

A perfect little boy with soft squishy features and a gentle sense about him. It was an honour to capture his arrival on Tuesday the 15th October 2013.

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