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We have a slightly different way of delivering you digital products and options now. The reasoning behind this is as follows:

We all love digital files - it's just where life is at now.

Not everyone prints their files - so do you really need full resolution images made for printing?

You see your gallery for the first time, and you want to have it all NOW!

You know you're going to print your images in time, but you're just not sure what you want exactly, right now.

So to combat these above ideas, the products on offer are now available for direct fulfilment when you view your collection for the first time, and you can choose the file size of that collection depending on how you intend to use your images.

Simply put, if you are only ever going to look at your gorgeous photographs on your phone / computer - buy the Web Sized LOW RESOLUTION collection. If you would like to self-print your files, whether it's an album, wall art, or traditional prints, you are going to need the Print Sized HIGH RESOLUTION collection.

What's the difference between LOW RESOLUTION and HIGH RESOLUTION files? Well, I'm glad you've asked!

LOW RESOLUTION files are saved at 1024 pixels on the longest side. In a tangible way, these files are the equivalent of a 6 x 4 print. If you look at these files any larger than that, they will lose their crispness and quality.

Low Res Digital Collections cost $600 (General Sessions) and $800 (Birth Sessions).

This is a Low Res File - this is how it should render on your device.

HIGH RESOLUTION files are saved at 3600 pixels or higher on the longest side. This means you can print your images at 12 x 8" and higher. The majority of general session photographs are taken at around 7500 pixels on the longest side, so you could view them at 100% at around 25 x 16 inches.

High Res Digital Collections cost $1150 (General Sessions) and $1500 (Birth Sessions).

This is a High Res File - digitally, it's unlikely to look any different on your device, but it will take longer to load!

Low & High Resolution Files, side by side @ 33%

Low & High Resolution Files, side by side % 100%

Low Res @ 700% & High Res @ 100% for comparison of quality

So you may ask, "Why do high res files cost more than low res files?" I'm also happy to share the reasoning.

REASON #1: I want you to have products you will get the most use out of, for a price you can afford. If you're searching for an economical way to capture something special, low res collections will be a fabulous way to achieve this.

REASON #2: Turning your files into photographs is basically a huge part of the service I offer as a Professional Photographer - this is how I earn money for my family! The full value in my work is in seeing it preserved for future generations for your family to enjoy, and this is best achieved through printing. I'm delighted if you want to print the files yourself, or have me organise the printing for you. Either way, the high res files are the best way to get full value out of the time, energy, and the future legacy your session provides.

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