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Perth, WA Presentation Evening – Why Birth Photography?

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Thursday, 23 October 2014, 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

THE NEST ON SILAS – Unit 2 Number 8 Silas St, East Fremantle, WA, Australia

Enjoy an evening with Victoria Berekmeri as she defines what Birth Photography is really about, sharing her experiences working in a genre that’s pushing social boundaries. Victoria Berekmeri is the 2014 AIPP Canon Australian Birth Photographer of the Year and 2013 AIPP Canon Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year. She operates a specialist birth photography business and runs workshops for photographers in Australia and New Zealand.

“I’ve been shooting births since 2010 and decided to focus my energy and create a separate birth branded business at the end of 2012, incorporating maternity, birth, bonding and newborn sessions. My plan was to be different, gain lots of experience and up my skills as quickly as possible, offer something that honoured the birth experience for women, win awards for my work, exhibit my work for the powerful message it holds, and help others to build their knowledge so they don’t have to learn lessons in a way that could damage the perception of birth photography. In essence, I made a decision to commit to this genre because I felt 100% aligned with the service I could provide and the value it held in my heart.” ~ Victoria Berekmeri

This presentation is suited to photographers, birth workers and couples interested in the concept of birth photography and the power these stories hold. Victoria will explore the WHY behind Birth Photography, looking into the etiquette, privacy and perception of Birth Photography, guiding you through the important elements of understanding this genre from various points of views. Then reaching into the broader depths of the topic – Australia is progressing through some challanging times in relation to maternity services and the social norms surrounding birth are in need of positive shift. Could sharing birth stories and imagery help normalise birth and create a birth culture more supportive of ideals such as continuity of care for women through pregnancy and lower interventions? This session will contain images of child birth and stories that will challange your ideas on birth culture in Australia.

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