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It's a delicate time, returning home from hospital after giving birth to your new baby. You're physically healing, emotionally processing, and riding the waves of emotion as you transition between the way life was last time you were home, and now.

Why have a photo shoot, right now, in this moment? Because the day you bring your baby home, is Day One of life with your new baby, in the real world, as a family. Because COVID has put on hold the way things were done in the past, where close family met baby in hospital for the first time. Because you can sit back, relax, and ease back into your home with your family and have a special little record of a day you'll love to look back on. This is documentary photography, any posing is kept to a minimum.

This was my first official Welcome Home session, and it was a delight to meet this lovely family for the first time, out the front of their home as they arrived back from hospital. What did I love most? I love hearing about Kelly's experience of birth, witnessing the sincere love from Big Brother, and the wonder in Dad's eye's as he explored his newest son. There were a few things I had hoped were a bit different, for the sake of demonstrating the breadth of imagery this type of shoot lends itself, but nevertheless we got some beautiful captures in the spirit of this session type.


What type of images do you think could be captured in a Welcome Home Session?

* First time meetings between Baby and others - Siblings, Pets, Grandparents, Close Friends.

* Cuddles and interactions

* Nursery design

* Parents changing baby

* Baby's first bath

* Baby keepsakes and celebration cards

.... I look forward to more of these sessions to explore what coming home with a new baby means to others...

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