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Updated: Mar 27, 2021

I've been photographing Misia's family since their first born was 9 months old in 2017! We've had shoots from the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, to the Central Markets, down to the beach at Hallett Cove, and also in-home. Every session is as unique as the children themselves, as each new addition comes along and fills the hearts of those who are closest.

I adore shooting these lifestyle sessions with Misia and her boys. It shows the honesty of young family life, the messy chaos of it, and the pure innocence and love it embodies. Always working with the flow of the children, it's an easy space to navigate as a photographer, and an observer who enjoys witnessing the everyday simplicity of life and learning through the eyes of children.

Misia's newest little bundle, Stevie, was a chilled out little bundle. Most 3rd babies are! His older brothers bustled around him, carrying on with their brotherhood antics and self guided play, oblivious to the newborn juggle day and night, which his parents carry on with like professionals.

Thank you for inviting me into your special space yet again, and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek at the session photo's. Can't wait for our next session together!

Victoria xx

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