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Beach Maternity Session – Adelaide Birth Photographer

It was a cool, crisp morning in January. I was excited as I woke up to darkness and imagined the adventure I would share in with Tania and her family. With my camera gear already packed and ready, I headed down to my favorite beach in Adelaide for our dawn photography session. It’s a place that holds a little magic and something I knew Tania’s family would understand.

We had prepared a little ceremony for our session. I asked Tania to help her children write a beautiful letter to their little sibling who they were all waiting to meet. With the help of a little red boat and a bottle, we would cast these wishes off into the ocean with the morning sunrise. What followed was a gorgeous flow of togetherness and love with some beautiful pictures to capture the experience.

Tania has shared with me that they have visited this beach regularly since our session – it has become their special place too.

When Tania first contacted me she wanted to have her pregnancy, birth and newborn time documented. After we met, I knew we could create something so special together. Everything just fit together beautifully and the end result was not only one of the best Journey Books I’ve ever made, but I grew in so many ways from the experience. This meeting was pivotal and has shifted my course as a photographer, and on a deeply personal level.

When it all flows, you know you’re following the right path!

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