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A New Year – A Complete Birth Suite Giveaway, with the Adelaide Birth Photographer


2013 has just begun… As I sit and imagine with dreamy ideas about success and fortitude, I am subtly reminded of the elements in my life that ground me. My inner spirit often drowned out by the sea of every day happenings, is revived by the fundamental pieces of our own human connections with others. Photography has led me down a path more fulfilling than I could have ever perceived. I think the key has been that I’ve been quick to find the genre that feeds my creativity, confronts my personal ideas and challenges my levels of joy with each and every shoot.

In 2012 I won two awards for my maternity and birth photography – a stunning reward for my journey so far. But the true reward has been each and every miracle I’ve witnessed. The women I’ve met and stories I’ve heard, the births I’ve attended and the tears of joy and words of love, and the gratitude I hold in the knowledge that I’ve created a gift valuable for generations to give back to each parent – this is the reward that sets my soul on fire. 2013 is going to see this genre of birth photography grow as its eternal value is realised.

Okay, so I’ll get to the point here. I’m offering my “Complete Birth Suite” – that’s complete maternity, birth and newborn photography worth $2,500, to someone very special and I need your help to find them! The winner of this give away will be someone you hold in your heart with love and compassion – which may include yourself! I’m looking for a family so deserving of this precious gift that you feel compelled to tell me their story and why you think they should have this gift.

Every women expecting a child has a story worth telling and is deserving of a once in a lifetime gift that gives many times over. Every journey – each one is unique and special. I will capture it with respect and love.

There are no strings. You do not need to follow anything, share it, like it, etc. (you are more than welcome to but it’s not a part of the giveaway).

I will be reading each and every email. Selection will be based on what feels right in my heart.

Please, tell me your story below in the comments section, or if you’d prefer, send me an email:

Or head to the website and click on the Giveaway tab :

Terms of Giveaway

Entries are open effective immediately and close at 9am (Adelaide time), 31st January 2013.

The winner will be announced 7th February 2013.

The winner will receive photographic coverage on three separate occasions as negotiated – ideally for a maternity session (can include blessingway, babyshower, antenatal appointment or traditional maternity shoot), birth shoot (or bonding session), and newborn or family shoot. Included in the coverage for the maternity and newborn sessions are 20 (total) individually processed image files on CD. The birth photography session will include a full collection of image files to tell the story of baby’s arrival. They will also receive a beautifully printed heirloom book (100pages) showing the complete journey as a keepsake for now and for generations.

The maternity and newborn shoots will occur at a time and date that Victoria is available however must be redeemed as follows:

  1. Maternity – mother 34to 38 weeks pregnant.

  2. Newborn – baby before 2 weeks of age.

  3. Family – within 12 months.

Standard photographic contract applies to each session and all forms are to be completed and signed before sessions take place.

This giveaway is not redeemable for cash, nor is it transferable to any other session already booked or any other person.

The giveaway is only open to residents within a 200km radius of Adelaide CBD.

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