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A Dignified Birth – Ashford Hospital Caesarean

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

There seems to be a regard within the corporate hospital culture that professional photography in theatre is unacceptable. Yet the irony is that often the husband or midwife is allowed to photograph the experience, thus taking them out of their own joyful moments of the very experience they wish to be a part of. I find this to be so very sad, and disappointing.

It is my job to photograph this experience, without identifying the hospital staff and keeping out of their way. It is my job to focus on the mother, her baby and any loved ones who are there to support her. It is my job to ensure the mother has a beautiful documentation of the love, care and support that was flowing the day she delivered her child. And it is my job to ensure that child has photographs to look back on and see how cherished they were on their birth day – the biggest celebration of their lives which they will in turn journey through for their own children.

The fact is, a professional photographer is skilled in their genre. An Accredited Professional Photographer is even more accountable and skilled in shooting only what is acceptable and approved. And an Accredited Professional Birth Photographer abides by a special Code of Conduct that ensures they perform their job in full adherence to not only industry standard, but also hospital policy and client requirements. The Accredited Professional Birth Photographer is not to be feared – we are here to support and honour the experience of birth for EVERYONE.

If a woman choses to have a birth photographer – that is one of her birth choices. With so many choices being limited for a growing number of women, it breaks my heart when hospitals don’t take the time to understand these simple requests.

This was the beautiful entry into the world for little Maleah Rei. It was a calm, dignified experience for Maleah’s mother, with such care shown by all in attendance. I just love documenting births with this Obstetrician and Anaesthetist. And I love the vibrancy and joy captured during these important moments in a caesarean, where Mother and Father are free to enjoy the moments and be a part of their daughter’s arrival.

Adelaide Birth Photographer

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