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A Birth and an Engagement – Adelaide Birth Photographer

What an incredible and momentous day for Cristy and Adrian.

Cristy progressed naturally into labour and with the encouragement of Adrian, it was beautiful to witness little Jasper being born into a world full of love and support. He was perfect and this beautiful couple became a family with his arrival.

Not only was it the birth day of their beautiful son Jasper, but it was also the day Cristy and Adrian got engaged. And what a surprise it was!! Cristy had planned the proposal and I was in on the occasion from the time she had booked me to photograph her baby’s birth. With the help of the wonderful Midwife and Student Midwife looking after Cristy on the day, the team managed to orchestrate a proposal like no other. The other hospital staff and patients who witnessed the surprise question were suitably excited when the ever-loving Adrian said YES!

To polish off this amazing story – it was the image of Jasper just born, blowing a mucous bubble which won a Silver with Distinction Award at the 2014 Australian Professional Photography Awards. The image is a spectacular representation of the moment of transition into the big wide world, just as the very first breath is to be taken. A powerful moment for a life and soul who has infinite possibilities ahead of him!

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